Kelowna Trestles Engagement – Justin & Shanelle

November 21, 2016

These two made the drive down from Calgary to the Okanagan for their Kelowna trestles engagement session. We met at a coffee shop for two minutes and went right to our planned location. I don’t think any of us had in mind what we were about to drive into. The higher we drove up the mountain, the thicker the fog got until we could barely see in front of us! This was one of those times where rollin’ with the situation and capturing the moment paid off tremendously. Sometimes things aren’t as planned, and can actually be that much better than anticipated!
We trekked to one of the largest caves that I’ve ever been to. Chasing light through the fog, in and out of the caves, with these two stunners was beyond breath taking. I’m sure that I speak for everyone that know Justin and Shanelle when I say that the true darling love that they share shows so strongly yet effortlessly when you’re around them. I was basically blown away with each scene as these two held each other tight as the fog engulfed them. I feel like I’m still at a loss for words as to how unreal this engagement session was, so I’ll leave it here and let the photographs speak for themselves.
Now I’ll patiently wait until I capture these two in Canmore, Alberta for their wedding day! To say that I’m excited for it all is an understatement!

kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0001 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0002 Foggy mountain engagement sessionkelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0005 Foggy engagement session in a cave kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0006 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0007 Rock Cave Engagement Photo kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0010Engagement photo in rock cave Cave engagement photo Kelowna Myra Canyon Trestles Engagement Photography Intimate Cave Engagement Session kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0014 Trestles engagement photography kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0016 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0017 Mountain trestles engagement sessionkelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0020 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0021kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0023kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0019 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0022 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0024 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0025 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0028kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0026 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0030 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0031 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0032kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0027 Myra Canyon Engagement session kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0034 kelowna-trestles-engagement-joelsview_0035 Foggy Mountain Engagement session