Couple exploring BC for their engagement

Harley Engagement Session – Okanagan

Chasing down the sunset on a Harley is a massive yes in life, and throw in these two to the mix, and you get one unreal Harley engagement session!
Anyone who knows me would know the second Danielle & Alan brought up the idea of their engagement session including their Harley knows that I was one ecstatic photographer. This was a perfect evening. We hopped onto the highway and cruised through the Okanagan. We stopped at a huge rock wall before making our way to Burger 55. If you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favour and make it happen. Burger 55 was one delicious spot to grab a milkshake, and to top it all off it was actually on
‘You Gotta Eat Here” which only makes sense!
We then rode to the top of a mountain chasing the sun, only to end up at one damn stellar lookout over the mountains. This was one of those times that I took a step back just to take it all in. The Harley, two stunning engaged hearts, a lot of love, and the sun clipping the top of the mountains as it set.. That is a whole lot of awesome in my books, which is why you need to quit reading and check out the photo set below!

Harley E-session Awesome Motorcycle engagement photo Harley Engagement Session_0003 Engagement session in the Okanagan Harley Engagement Session_0005 Engagement ring photo in the rocks Burger 55 in Penticton Harley Engagement Session_0008 Engagement session at Burger 55 in PentictonHarley Engagement Session_0013 Harley Engagement Session_0010Harley Engagement Session_0012
Burger 55 Engagement session in Penticton

Stunning Landscape in Summerland BC Harley Engagement Session_0015
Harley couple photos Harley Engagement Session_0018 Harley Engagement Session_0019Badass Harley Engagement PhotoshootBadass Couple on a Harley for their engagement photoshoot Couple exploring BC for their engagement Harley Engagement Session_0022
Harley Engagement Session_0021 Harley Engagement Session_0023 Sunset landscape in the mountains during engagement photos Motorcycle Engagement photos Stunning couple being intimate on Harley Harley Davidson Engagement Photo Summerland PhotographerBadass couple on Harley Intimate photo of couple on Harley in Summerland
Badass couple on Harley for Engagement Photo