Banff Engagement Photography – Jacques & Olivia

November 17, 2016

I made my way into the rockies for Jacques and Olivia’s Banff engagement session, and let’s just say I left absolutely blown away. Believe it or not, this was actually our third location choice, as the first two weren’t accessible, but you’d honestly think it was our first because it was so unreal! I met these two in the morning, the cloud cover was super low, covering the mountains. We walked along the lake side, adventuring over rocks and through trails, and within the first few frames of them, I knew they were going to be so awesome to photograph. Jacques and Olivia have the connection of two best friends who are madly in love. Slowly the clouds started lifting around us as the session went on. The blue lake along the rough rocks made for such a moody, intimate feel. While capturing them in the forest, the clouds decided to be awesome and break for us, letting the rockies come through. I was basically in photographer heaven, surrounded by blue waters, backed by the rocky mountains breaking through the clouds, and capturing such a true love in Banff, Alberta! I can’t thank these two enough for trekking in and over water to get to some of the areas, but it is pretty safe to say that it was all worth it for the frames we photographed!
I drove home absolutely itching to get to the computer to start working on these. I’m seriously SO excited to photograph their special day in 2017, but for now, here is one stellar Banff engagement!

banff-engagement-photography_0001 banff-engagement-photography_0002 banff-engagement-photography_0003 banff-engagement-photography_0004 banff-engagement-photography_0005 Intimate Rocky Mountain Banff Engagement banff-engagement-photography_0007 banff-engagement-photography_0008 banff-engagement-photography_0009 Rocky Mountain Engagement Photographer banff-engagement-photography_0011 banff-engagement-photography_0012 banff-engagement-photography_0013 Intimate Banff Engagement Photography banff-engagement-photography_0015 banff-engagement-photography_0016 banff-engagement-photography_0017 banff-engagement-photography_0018 Mountain engagement in the rockies banff-engagement-photography_0020 banff-engagement-photography_0021 banff-engagement-photography_0022 banff-engagement-photography_0023 banff-engagement-photography_0024 banff-engagement-photography_0025 Blue water banff engagement photo banff-engagement-photography_0027 banff-engagement-photography_0028 Intimate engagement in Canmore banff-engagement-photography_0030 banff-engagement-photography_0031 banff-engagement-photography_0032 Banff Engagement Photo Rocky Mountain Engagement Photo banff-engagement-photography_0035Banff Engagement Photographer banff-engagement-photography_0036 banff-engagement-photography_0037 Engagement photo in the mountains of Banff Silhouette photo of engagement in the rockies